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With fantastic advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, social media is becoming a required platform for any kind of brand.

Nobody has escaped it, not even fashion bloggers, who with time developed into a brand just like any other designer in the fashion industry.

Fashion bloggers are also embracing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to engage their followers in unique ways as well as to drive more traffic to their blogs and grow in popularity. They do their own marketing, after all!


It is the forum that fashion bloggers adore the most. Numerous fashion and outfit bloggers, such Style High Street, Fashion Bombay, Stylish by Nature, Style Pile, and Indian fashion bloggers, are very active on their facebook pages and frequently produce posts that are both incredibly original and interesting.

Kind of posts

They publish a wide range of imaginative content on their page, such as blog pieces, pictures of their shopping excursions, and images of significant fashion events. A few fashion bloggers also publish famous fashion quotes, make giveaway announcements, and advertise their sponsors on their pages.

Frequency of posts

An average of 4-5 times per day are observed as postings. These cover a wide range of topics, from their blog articles to significant announcements and fashion discoveries.


To build a solid relationship with their audience, bloggers use healthy and interesting techniques like sharing and tagging blog posts on their page. As a result, there are numerous likes, shares, and comments along with lively fan interaction.


The second-most preferred platform among fashion bloggers is this one., Style inked, and independent fashion bloggers all produce informal tweets for engagement and information. The majority of bloggers link their Facebook pages to their Twitter accounts, increasing the daily quantity of tweets.

Kind of tweets

Tweets can be about personal hobbies, fashion findings with images, or blogs. Tweets are used to announce contests, sponsor features, and style advice as well.

Frequency of tweets

The average number of tweets per day is 5–15, which includes posts on blogging, outfits, and daily activities like travel and work.

Response and Engagement

In reaction to tweets, interaction on Twitter is comprised of retweets, replies, and mentions. Through tweets, followers and other bloggers interact, and brands mention their favourite bloggers to give them recognition for their greatest blog entries.


Pinterest is slowly making its way onto fashion bloggers’ marketing agendas, despite not yet being extremely well-liked in India. However, because of Pinterest’s excellent pictorial representation feature, fashion bloggers shouldn’t disregard it.

Kind of pins

A few bloggers pin images of fashion products and outfit styles on their boards. Among the most popular pins are images of fashion runways, accessories, makeup, outfits, and accessories.

On separate forums, other interests like travel, dining, and home décor are also featured.

Frequency of pins

There are 10 pins total each week, ranging from fashion to beauty to cuisine to travel.


More people like and repin content than comment on it. Many fashion companies and individual users repin their pins by making various boards, such as “My favourite Bloggers.”

Fashion is a show business, and Pinterest allows for exactly that, therefore fashion bloggers’ marketing opportunities on the platform are undoubtedly much greater.

Quick tips for Fashion Bloggers to use Pinterest effectively

  • Create various boards, such as ones for men’s fashion, Indianjewellery, long skirts, and short dresses.
  • People will find it easier to follow your boards as a result, and you’ll get more fans.
    On Pinterest, only repin photographs of high quality. Low-resolution and subpar photos are ignored
  • You can boost your visibility on the Pinterest home page by following and repining as many boards and pins as you can.
  • Create boards about cuisine, travel, and other topics to spark interest in various topics. This demonstrates your versatility and creativity.
  • Keep in mind the video category. If you don’t have any videos of your own, create boards to repin those of others.