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Triarchy FW21 Collection

Triarchy FW21 Collection

Triarchy is a family operate business whose sole objective is to make responsible jeans.

We do this by increasing the denim industry to 1 of responsible, ethical plus accountable manufacturing.

Triarchy just manufactures jeans that squeeze into our strict lens associated with sustainable and responsible jeans manufacturing. This means only selecting fabrics that are made with fully organic cotton, (and confirming the sources of that cotton), and then making the denim jeans in a factory that will pay above a living wage, when using washing equipment that significantly reduces chemical use plus water consumption.

We furthermore eliminated plastic stretch from your brand and replaced this with an industry first organic rubber alternative to plastic extend.

Triarchy FW21 Collection

We all then have 3rd party auditors verify our supply string and manufacturing practices and permit them to publish their results independent of us.

Lastly, all of us offset the carbon for each pair of jeans we create and then donate a portion associated with sales profits to Isla Urbana, who build plus install rainwater catchment techniques for people in and around Mexico Town without access to water.

The F/W ’21 Collection is created entirely out of organic 100 % cotton and natural rubber. The particular shapes are true to traditional moments in denim’s background. A wide, high pleated trouser reminds us of the forties, a loose straight lower-leg, the 90’s and our own cropped safari pant the particular 50’s. Triarchy F/W ’21 is like a denim period machine.

Triarchy F/W’21 remains true to our ethos of creating denim responsibly. The color colour scheme of blue and away from white reminds us that many clothing dyes are artificial and we choose not to proceed that route. Instead concentrating on silhouettes that are not always present in denim, and applying jeans to them, this allows us to produce newness without destroying the entire world.

Read more about Triarchy over the brandpage: fashionunited. com/companies/triarchy

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