DURE: I am originally from La, I was born and elevated in Venice Beach. We studied theater, dance, plus classical opera in senior high school. In high school, I worked well in the costume shop, so when I was younger, I aided with costumes at the Morgan Wixson community theater. I had been in a production of 42nd Street as a dime young lady, and was hypnotized by sequins, I think.
I relocated to New York in 2014, exactly where I attended Eugene Lang for media studies. The freshman and sophomore season of college, worked as a membership kid, and made me personally new outfits to go out there every weekend, all the while interning, and eventually freelancing in fashion. Our junior and senior calendar year of college, I interned on Thom Browne, and worked well in the Parsons fashion store, which is full of deaccessioned items through the Costume Institute.
I recently designed a gown for Slayyyter’s album protect, and have a few more exciting tasks coming out this year.
DP: Who may be behind the brand?
DURE: I am the designer plus creative director, and produced all the clothes in my Brooklyn studio. The embroideries had been executed by an expert group in India.
I function alongside a team my buddies, mentors and collaborators which includes Angelo de Santo, Alexander Picon, Nicholas Needham, Dana Akashi, Leslie Williams, Sean Bennett, Serichai Traipoom, plus Carla Maldonado, who distributed their insight and amazing talents to bring this selection to life. I also styled a few pieces from my friend Gemma Hunt’s beautiful jewelry collection with this lookbook.
DP: Did you know Cookie Mueller, well, she actually is dead now but there is certainly definitely a Cookie feel here, was the 80’ t NYC an inspiration?
DURE: One of my favorite artists can be Greer Lankton, an incredible sculptor who passed before the girl time. I’m not as acquainted with Cookie Mueller, though I really like John Waters, and Kenneth Anger. Rabbit’s Moon was your film that inspired me personally to look at the circus with this collection.
My dad is often went to New York in the 80’s just for work, so I grew up hearing stories about Laurie Anderson playing violin on the street till her frozen roller skates thawed, and all night house parties. I spent the weekends in high school getting together with my friends at the Aero Theatre, someone worked at the solution booth and would allow us to in for free. I was surfaced in film and place culture from an early age, and like to spend my down time viewing movies. I’m a big lover the nouvelle vague, Zazie dans le Metro, Explode.
I love cartoons and example, specifically Art Deco plus Nouveau, and contemporary. Rob Bakshi is my presently my favorite illustrator. I love to take a look at fine art for inspiration too, Lee Bul, David Hammons, Frank Stella, Jordan Wolfson, and Rebecca Horn, to mention a few.
I pull tips in from everywhere, generally from memory.
I will appearance more into Cookie, she actually is fabulous.
DP: Where do you wish to go with this? Red carpeting? Entertainers?
SS: I’d love this work to become as accessible as possible, I really like special occasions, both public plus private. One of the models on this lookbook, Anna, is an musician, and we spoke about a some of the pieces possibly being showcased in their upcoming thesis movie. I love to see people inside my clothes, for any reason. The greater mundane, the more sublime. I’d love for someone to sit down for a portrait in one associated with my pieces someday.
Our hope is that the work motivates people to find any reason to dress a little bit more fancy. Dressing well is one of the finest luxuries of life, it’ s a form of alchemy.
This particular collection is a mix of prepared to wear and made to calculate. While the majority of the selection is available for pre-order, a number of the pieces are solely available as made-to-measure products, due to the intricacy of the style.
I love to do couture plus custom pieces, as well. Our hope is to be able to stability a few private clients, and also a ready to wear line. I am also looking forward to releasing a bigger collection for SS22 within September.
Thank you Sintra.