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Here Are All the Updates on Gorilla Glue Girl

TikToker Tessica Brown, recognized on the app as  @im_d_ollady , failed to know she would go virus-like when she put Gorilla glue in her locks in place of her holding aerosol, but life finds methods to surprise you.  

It’s no key that everyone wants laid sides when they’re doing their head of hair, whether it’s a sleek  ponytail   or even a blowout. There are a variety of methods to “lay” edges, from using advantage control and an edge clean to brushing it straight down with holding spray. Whenever she ran out of the girl holding spray, Tessica chose to use Gorilla glue rather. While the glue certainly set her ponytail, it’s not the best image of “laid” that the girl had because now the girl hair won’t move… following a month.

Tessica was going for a low modern braided ponytail and that is the style she has, however it wasn’t achieved like your regular low ponytail would be. The particular deep side part ponytail with a swooped front is usually done using  gel   and/or  edge manage   and it is secured with  freeze spray . Within her case, she desired to use Got 2B stuff, a popular glue for weaves and sleek ponytail designs, but she was away. In hopes of still possessing a slicked-down ponytail, Tessica utilized Gorilla glue. Yes, the kind of gorilla glue that is used in order to bond plastics. “Bad, poor, bad idea, ” Tessica said in a TikTok movie.

“For the ones from y’all that know myself, y’all know my locks has been like this for a 30 days now. It’s not my selection, ” Tessica told her supporters. She expressed that she’s tried to wash her curly hair and it is stuck. “My hair… it don’t move. I have washed my hair 15 times and it don’t proceed, ” she said.  

Following the unique video, she even attemptedto put shampoo on it within another video and, naturally , it didn’t budge.

After going virus-like, Tessica’s has now all of social media marketing invested hair journey. The girl went on Instagram in order to update everyone on the procedure and claimed she place coconut oil and herbal tea tree oil on her curly hair with plastic on it. Whenever someone commented and questioned if it worked she replied, “No. ”

According to  Gorilla Glue is actually website, the glue could be removed with acetone. However with the way acetone dries out nails and pores and skin, we can only imagine the quantity of drying it will do in order to Tessica’s scalp or the quantity of damage that it has already triggered to her crown. “We usually do not recommend using our items in or on tresses as they are considered permanent. In case someone does use this on the hair, they can try placing the affected area within warm, soapy water or even apply rubbing alcohol towards the affected area, ” Gorilla Glue said in a declaration to Beauty IRL . “If her curly hair has truly been adhered down to her scalp plus immobile for a month with this many aggressive attempts to clean it out, it is possible the girl hair is fractured on the root but we definitely hope for the best. Her advertising team reached out to all of us and we have offered to talk to her to share these recommendations as well as checked in on her behalf wellbeing. Safety is our own top priority. ”

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