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Experts Say Double-Masking Works — Here's How

A year in to the particular COVID-19 pandemic , we have been nevertheless learning new things about the deadly virus at the rear of it and how we can greatest protect ourselves. Just as we have learned about the value of social distancing , great ventilation , and other steps, some medical professionals are now recommending that two masks, put on simultaneously, might be better than a single.

We’ve lengthy known that face masks are a great tool to assist limit the spread from the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Earlier in February, the particular CDC announced it was studying the potency of double masking . On Feb 10, as the Associated Press documented , CDC researchers declared that, in an experiment, they discovered that two masks are usually better than one.

Teen Vogue spoke to 2 experts to better understand why Dr . Anthony Fauci and the like are talking about this new protection.

What makes experts recommending we double-mask?

The reasons why professionals are recommending people put on two masks now are basic. When worn with a tight fit, it’s a way to boost the efficacy of masks inside a moment when new pressures of the virus are increasing concerns about increased transmissibility.

Linsey Marr, a professor of city and environmental engineering on Virginia Tech and a professional in virus transmission, shows Teen Style that brand new variants of the virus are usually “more easily transmitted. ”

While the performance of cloth masks can differ, from 10% to 90%, Marr says 50% is usually a “decent estimate. ” Double masking can add an additional layer of protection. A few medical professionals have been doing this for years, Karen Jubanyik, M. M., an emergency medicine physician with Yale Medicine, says.

“The healthcare companies were wearing two face masks for a while, ” Dr . Jubanyik tells Teenager Vogue . “Oftentimes, i was allowed to wear a face mask over our surgical face mask in certain settings or a medical mask over our N95. ”

Exactly what does double-masking look like?

Marr says one of the most efficient ways to double mask would be to wear a surgical face mask with a tight-fitting cloth face mask on top of it. Or, you can cut the straps away a surgical mask and employ it as a filter placed within a cloth mask. Within a neck gaiter over a nose and mouth mask also adds an extra coating of protection. Still, the girl cautions to make sure you can nevertheless breathe through whatever face mask setup you put together.

Jubanyik notes that the tightly woven mask which has two or three layers is essentially exactly the same concept as double-masking. The physician warns that people should be conscious of their disposable surgical face mask usage when possible for environment reasons. If you’re in an outside environment with few other people around, consider wearing a fabric mask (or two) that you may wash and reuse rather.

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Is there an easy way to inform if your mask is functioning effectively?

Whilst Marr says there are not any standards for businesses selling masks to non-medical staff, there are a few things you may look out for to determine if you have an excellent mask.

“More layers in a cloth face mask is better, especially if it brings up a filtering layer, ” she tells Teen Vogue . “If you’re buying surgical face masks, you should look for ‘ASTM’ on there. ”

According to CNN , there may soon end up being face mask standards to help manual consumers to better products. It reported that ASTM Global and the National Personal Safety Technology Laboratory are looking to develop standards that will “establish minimum design, performance (testing), labeling, user instruction, confirming and classification, and conformity assessment requirements for hurdle face coverings. ”

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