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COLOURS & SONS FW21 Collection

COLOURS & SONS FW21 Collection


COLOURS & SONS, the German “Brand Of Colour “, will be clothing, away from uniformity, in the direction of joy of life, independence and openness, made for everybody.

All our styles are made with love and enthusiasm and from the personal taste of our own COLOURS & SONS Loved ones from Germany. We worth each piece, love focus on detail and have the highest requirements for our natural and environmentally friendly qualities. We want our items to be treated the way we would like to be treated and we wish to change the future in an optimistic way.


Within the upcoming F/W 21 selection, style-wise, colour and pleasure play the main role, some, to distract from the tiresome everyday life and stand out from the particular crowd. This applies to all of us as a brand as well as to the finish consumer who wears the clothes. In all the fabrics all of us use, we have made sure that will comfort and feel are usually our top priorities. Additionally , the issue of sustainability is actively playing an increasingly decisive role.

Therefore , we have made it our objective to focus on sustainability from this time of year onwards and to act inside a truly sustainable way. Right here, natural fabrics and durability play a major role in most aspects to give yourself a great feeling and show responsibility toward our environment.


We reflect on the requirements and try to slow everything straight down a bit in these difficult situations. We were able to self-reflect throughout Corona and came to the particular realization that life furthermore works with „less“ clothing which consumption was questioned. In exchange, however , everything should be a lot more valuable and good quality could be the basic prerequisite for this. Clients are becoming more and more emancipated and wish to go back to the roots associated with clothing, where quality plus value have always arrive first, away from fast style. Unfortunately, this anticipation associated with textiles has been lost. Style became interchangeable at any time plus was no longer of great significance. This is because expansion and revenue maximization often come on the expense of quality plus fashion grade, something we would like to prevent at all costs.

We want to relinquish the feeling to our customers plus retailers that the appreciation from the product is the most important thing. There must be anticipations for the individual style once again. Unfortunately, this anticipation associated with textiles has been lost during the past and fashion was generally interchangeable, in a certain feeling arbitrary and, with all the abundance, no longer had a lot value. Buy, wear, dispose of, repeat.

COLOURS & amp; SONS FW21 Collection


In general, we have three major colour themes. The „Bright Winter“ colour theme mixes paler but also richer produce, such as Frosty Green plus Bottle Green, with stunning rosé and red wine shades, as well as various shades associated with beige, such as Wood Lung burning ash and Tobacco Brown.

The 2nd colour theme combines various shades of blue along with turquoise tones and with you are on the safe side associated with life.

The third colour concept „Back To Nature“ demonstrates the theme of durability through the somewhat more demure colour scheme. Beautiful olive shades are combined here along with yellow tones (Mustard, Curry) and orange nuances (Tan, Cinnamon and Arabian Spice).


We are represented all through Germany and our eighteen sales agencies are progressively penetrating the German plus European markets, as far as Russian federation, Japan, China, Australia plus New Zealand. In order to increase our distribution network, we all exhibit our brand from well-known trade fairs within Berlin (Premium), Amsterdam (Modefabriek), Birmingham (Moda) and in Moscow at CPM. The important plus well-known trade fair Pitti Oumo in Florence is certainly next on our agenda and we’ll probably soon be displayed there with another product sales agency.


We build upon contemporary and timeless cuts that will exude confidence. Our excellent fit is giving a wonderful comfort. Combined with seasonal development and print designs the particular dynamic collection of COLOURS & SONS is created. Our interest for innovation and the enjoy of details are crucial to the creation of each collection.

Learning much more about COLOURS & KIDS on the brandpage: fashionunited. com/companies/colours-and-sons

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